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What is the type of SMA fiber optic connector?

Author: Date:9/20/2019 5:32:30 PM
   There are many types of SMA fiber connectors . The R&D personnel of the company generally know the application and use effect of different industries for each type. However, for some newly-employed people or purchasers, some types are still unclear. When you choose, you may miss a better and more suitable model, which will bring unnecessary waste to the company! Want to know how to choose the best, please refer to the small series of mainstream SMA fiber optic connector detailed classification.

1.FC round type with thread (the most used on the patch panel, reliable against ash, short-term installation time);


2.ST card type round type (usually used for fiber distribution frame, the bayonet is fixed, the disadvantage is easy to break);


3.SC card-connected square (router switch, plug-in type, shortcomings are easy to drop);


4.LC fiber optic connector (usually used for routers, modular jacks, easy to operate);


5.MT-RJ (data network indoor application, currently used on Huawei 8850, transceiver integration);