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What is the RF interface

Author: Date:1/1/2020 6:22:09 PM
    The RF interface is an abbreviation of Radio Frequency, which indicates the electromagnetic frequency that can be radiated into the space, and the frequency ranges from 300KHz to 30GHz. RF radio frequency is RF current, which is an abbreviation of high frequency AC change electromagnetic wave. The alternating current that changes less than 1000 times per second is called low-frequency current, and the radio frequency interface (also called RF interface, coaxial cable interface, closed-circuit interface) belongs to the analog signal interface. All TVs support this interface, and the closed-circuit signal is through this interface. Transferred to the TV. Therefore, it is the most widely used and supports the best, and is used by every household.


  The two advantages of the RF interface are outstanding.

  First, its transmission distance is long, and it is 100 meters casually.

  Secondly, it transmits a mixed signal of video and audio. Only one line can transmit all the signals, and the wiring is much more beautiful. Other video specifications do not support the simultaneous transmission of audio, but also need to separate the audio cable, which makes the wiring much troublesome, and the long-distance audio line attenuates the audio signal greatly.

  Third, because it is the most widely used, almost every family has already laid the line in advance. As long as there is a closed-circuit output port in the computer room, we can even use the wiring, and the signal can be transmitted.