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What future connectors will be like under RF trends?

Author: Date:2/28/2020 12:46:04 AM

The demands today for cables and connectors is becoming higher, though they may not always be the most important part that one consider for a project, but they really do and are used in many fields,including for mini device.


Technology is stepping forward at a rapid pace when it come to electronics,machines are getting smaller and more complex, smart phone,medical imaging device,even for a remote sensor accessing military satellite systems, as components manufactures are trying hard to follows it’s pace. But meanwhile,these devices should be strong enough to withstand great abrasion,and could provide data transfer and connection without obstruction.

The new requirements for manufacturing electronic products means new design for connector assembly.But the new design is always not that easy, as the connector itself must be micro-miniature and sub-miniature.In addition, manufactures(OEMs) need to provide customized options, they’re working hard to meet the requirements for those changing RF by offering reliable port, trusted connection and portable feature.

When Performance and Space Matters

For making smaller electronic devices, RF trends are moving towards to lower profile components. Devices still have complex assemblies, yet the requirements for size and weight are significantly lower to expect for better portable features.

· Based on the plug type for connectors,many OEMs are seeking microwave components for high-speed interfaces up to 67GHz in order to utilize 1.85-mm connectors for higher mating cycles

Newer Design Capabilities for reducing Compression

When it comes to coaxial cable, the first thing we need to care is the rigid design of cable for the conduct point if connector.Terminated cable will be under compression when being twisted and turned over,which impact on the endurance and has bad influence on the performance.

This kind of RF trends require the connectors to be designed more flexible.Manufactures are researching for a good method to make sure that the connector will be good matched with the Fail-proof coupling nut when getting the cable plug in.