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What causes the signal attenuation of the SMA connector?

Author: Date:3/13/2019 2:14:59 AM
SMA connectors,also known as SMA RF connectors, are typically connected to the cable assembly. How can I tell if an SMA connector is of good quality and the signal will be attenuated?


The quality of the SMA connector can generally be seen from the outside, but the connection between the RF cable and the MSA that really affects the signal transmission is good or bad. The denser the shielding layer, the smaller the leakage of the signal. The general indicator is also the isolation. . The shielding layer has a single layer, a double layer and a steel shielded RF cable, and the shielding property is steel > double layer > single layer, which causes a price difference. Due to the convergence effect of electromagnetic waves and dielectric loss, the signal is attenuated.


SMA connector connection line loss is relatively small, but the quality of the connection of the connector, reducing the input standing wave ratio, resulting in signal reflection caused by the signal energy reduction.