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What are the main reasons that affect the signal transmission of RF coaxial connectors?

Author: Date:3/11/2019 11:43:56 PM
 Anyone who has used RF coaxial connector knows that material and mechanical dimensions have an impact on transmission, especially internal dimensions. Resistance mismatch can cause signal reflection problems. Before the test sample is made, the sample should be analyzed, modified, and optimized until the analysis structure is satisfactory. However, the analysis results often have gaps in the actual test, so the impact is affected. What are the factors?

1. There is a certain difference between the actual test interface and the model interface;

2. The performance of the cable in the model is ideal, but in practice the dielectric constant and size of the cable medium are mutated;

3. The dielectric constant of the medium cannot be accurately controlled;

4. There may be no required calibration parts during the test, and the data is often measured by means of adapters or gating;

5. In order to reduce the complexity of the analysis, the fine structure is often omitted, such as a small air gap replaced by a medium, such as an interference interference between the barb and the medium;

6. When assembling, it is impossible to avoid deformation and deformation of the part, so that the relative position of the part is inconsistent with the model;

7. When modeling, the fillet of the part is often changed to chamfer, and even the feature is ignored;

8, the connector is modeled using nominal dimensions, but the actual parts are tolerated;

9. There is a certain error in the simulation analysis, which cannot guarantee 100% accuracy;