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What are the factors of microwave sensor interference?

Author: Date:6/18/2019 11:19:16 PM
   In today's fast-growing society of high-tech, microwave sensors are becoming more widely used.With convenient layout, the product is compact, resistant to external factors, and low cost is called the main ‘darling’ in today's society.It is also playing an increasingly important role in civil and military use.In daily life, there is often a phenomenon in which the microwave sensor is unresponsive and intermittent.What are the factors that interfere with microwave sensors?editor summarized the following points.




1, interference can be classified into natural interference and unnatural interference, or wideband interference and narrow-wide interference. When the sensor fast band is smaller than the spectral density function frequency interval, the instant broadband interference.


2, coupled channel, electromagnetic wave as a signal carrier, there will be different interference conditions such as interference antennas and other antennas emitted by other antennas are received by the target antenna, resulting in antenna coupling; wire induction forces the electromagnetic field in the space abnormal, field line coupling occurs; parallel wires The radiated electromagnetic waves interfere with the generation of line coupling.




3, some devices are not so strong in their ability to withstand interference, and are easily subject to additional electromagnetic interference. In a complex electromagnetic field environment, other equipment will be disturbed and the work cannot be completed.