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What are the details of the pogo pin connector that need attention?

Author: Date:11/23/2019 1:31:52 AM
    Pogo pin connector, as a necessary electronic component in almost all electronic products, has been favored by electronics manufacturers with its varied shape, light size and performance. So what is the construction of this small pogo pin connector?

    The Pogo pin connector consists of a needle shaft, a spring and a needle tube. This design allows the pogo pin connector to have the greatest space savings, long life and small point-to-point spacing. The needle shaft is an important part of the pogo pin connector for everyone to introduce.

    The needle shaft is divided into two types: reverse drilling and oblique cutting. Designed according to different requirements. The anti-drilling hole is light in size and is the first choice for electronic products requiring small connectors. The counter-drilling needle shaft can meet the manufacturer's requirements for the spring. Even if the spring exceeds the length of the needle tube, the needle shaft can be hollowed out to give the spring more space. The oblique section is to ensure that the needle shaft can contact the largest level of the needle tube, which can ensure stable low connection resistance.