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Waterproof connector is different from cable connector for usage

Author: Date:3/18/2020 5:21:58 PM
 The waterproof connector is the same as the cable connector in the electrical industry, So what’s the difference between the waterproof connector and cable connectors?the waterproof connectors can not only be waterproof and also conductive, They can be used in water environment,Like the LED light,lighthouse in the rain,the ship and yacht in the river,the industrial equipment need to be sprayed,the fire fighting truck in emergency etc,They all need waterproof connectors,This is the most important difference between waterproof connectors and cable connectors ,Also the unique characters of waterproof connectors.

With the development of the market,Now,The work environment ,device,equipment,with water is more and more popular,and more people choose waterproof connectors ,The waterproof connector has excellent sealing performance,Safe and reliable quality waterproof connector have great demand in the market,So the quality standard is higher,  The waterproof and dustproof class of waterproof connector products reaches IP68 standard,In other words,Put the connectors into the 10 meters deep water,let them work 12 hours,When the shell dip to 15 degrees,The liquid poured into the connectors have no influence,Put them into the the 100 deep water,breaking test for 12 hours,The liquid pour into the shell make no influence,still remain good performance,Only up to this requirement,They can be called qualified waterproof connectors.