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Ultra detailed BNC connector breakdown

Author: Date:12/4/2019 1:05:11 AM
   There are many people who know BNC connectors, but they can clearly say that there are not many types of BNC connectors. Regarding the types of BNC connectors, ROHO engineers will introduce the details of the types of BNC connectors in the following. Know exactly what kind of BNC connector is.

Knowing the types of BNC connectors is very beneficial for buyers, and can help them to better select products in future product purchases. NC connectors include:


BNC-T head, used to connect computer network cards and cables in the network;

BNC barrel connector for connecting two thin cables into one longer cable;

BNC cable connector for soldering or screwing on the end of the cable;

The BNC terminator is used to prevent the signal from reflecting back and causing interference after reaching the cable break. The terminator is a special type of connector with a carefully selected resistor inside that matches the characteristics of the network cable. Each terminator must be grounded.