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Type size of IPEX connector

Author: Date:10/17/2019 7:27:10 PM
    IPEX connector are widely used in mobile phones, digital cameras, computers, switches, routers, GPS navigation, wireless network cards, LCD monitors, household appliances, automotive electronics, etc. IPEX connectors are different in different connector sizes. The size of the other RF connectors is small, and the feeders used can be made very thin.

   IPEX connector holders are used when space requirements are high. So what type of size does the IPEX connector have? Let's take a look at it by Xiaotian.


  The connector sizes are as follows:


1, IPEX sealed connectors are: MX120G, MX64, MXP120, MX150L


2, IPEX automotive connector specifications are: MX123, CMC and CMX sealed hybrid module connector.