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To recommended a RF connector manufacturer

Author: Date:12/27/2019 6:30:20 PM
 ROHO has a relatively rich experience in RF fields. Let me take a look at this opportunity to talk about how to choose the RF connector. By the way, I recommend the RF connector manufacturer.



First, according to the industry selection model, the RF connectors selected by different industries are different, sometimes both can be used,sometimes one of them is more suitable! For example, sma and smp can be used as 5G connectors, but you need to consider which one to choose according to their use environment and other factors! Therefore, the corresponding RF connector manufacturers naturally have some differences. Although a factory can produce many types of connectors, it is always the most cost-effective as a purchase;

Second, according to the amount of regional selection, there are too many manufacturers now, if you only need a small amount of usage, generally the nearest city or even the manufacturer of the city where the company is located is the best! The fastest, the best delivery time! Basically, RF connector manufacturers can meet the demand of small batches. It is recommended to find a better quality and bid a little higher! After all, small batches are likely to be used in important places to test, and manufacturers are not very willing to accept small orders! If you need a large amount of comparison, you can't choose the manufacturer at will. You need to see the third point.

Third, according to the word-of-mouth selection partner, the general manufacturers will have their own website. The customer case on the webpage can see the reputation and quality of this manufacturer. If a manufacturer does not work hard on the webpage, can it be in the product? It’s really hard to say hard work. Secondly, if the small-volume order in the previous period said that the delivery date is 10 days, but there is no special situation and no explanation is given, the manufacturer’s reputation is obviously not good! In the late big batch, you have to pay attention!