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The three outstanding performance of waterproof connector

Author: Date:3/19/2020 7:24:21 PM
 Waterproof connector is excellent products which is widely known. They are used in many areas.So what is the performance of them to support their market?they are mechanical property,electrical performance and environmental performance,which help them to keep the advantage of the market and made them stand out form the similar products.

First.The heat resistance.Today,The waterproof connector have good adaptability in both high temperature and low temperature.The highest temperature can up to 200℃(except few high temperature special waterproof connectors )The lowest temperature can be as low as -65℃.As is known to all. Because of the resistance,The equipment will produce many heat under the working condition of the electricity.cause the equipment heat up then.So the temperature we usually mentioned is consisted of environment temperature and contact temperature.We’ll show the highest temperature limits of the waterproof connector under the rated operational current.

Secondly.The waterproof connector can effectively adapt to the environment of salt spray resistance.General structural metal ,Contact surface may have electrochemical corrosion.Though we can’t avoid the working environment with salty and moisturity.We can improve the performance of the waterproof connectors to prevent the equipment are corroded.We test the performance of the connectors by smoke test .including we create Smoke atmosphere by use a certain concentration of NACl to compressed the air,General waterproof connectors can be up to 48 hours.

Thirdly.Vibration resistance and shock resistance are the vital parameter of the waterproof connectors.These two parameters are especially important in special environment.including aviation ,spaceflight,railway,road transportation etc.These two parameters are the measuring ruler of the sturdiness and electric contact property.Usually in the impact experiment.The peak acceleration,time of duration and the time of impact pulsation waveform and electrical connectivity interruption.

Fourthly.The humidity of the environment.For waterproof connector to power supply.Somehow.The humidity may have impact of the waterproof connectors. But the AnPuLun waterproof connectors reduce this value to the least.General product are not influenced among the moderation 90%-95% .

Electrical Performance is the essential performance of waterproof connectors.In general.They include contact resistance,insulation resistance,dielectric strength etc.

The order of magnitudes of insulation resistance are hundreds of megohm to thousands of megohm.The contact resistance is from a few milliohms to tens of milliohms.The dielectric strength is the ability to withstand rated test voltage between the waterproof connector contacts or between the contact and the enclosure.which is generally can up to the standard value.

Lastly.The mechanical property of the waterproof connectors.including the lifetime of the waterproof connectors which is a vital index.It’s a good experience when using a good performance and long lifetime waterproof connectors.