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The most detailed identification of RF connectors

Author: Date:3/4/2020 6:05:14 PM

The rf connector identification, the most professional presentation, has been sorted out for you. If you are interested in one of products, please call us, we will assist your purchasing. Each of the following product pictures are from ROHO, which are carefully taken by our actual products.


BNC Plug (Male)

BNC Jack (Female)

RP-BNC Plug (Male)

RP-BNC Jack (Female)


N Jack (Female)

SMA Plug (Male)

SMA Jack (Female)

RP-SMA Plug (Male)

RP-SMA Jack (Female)

TNC Plug (Male)

TNC Jack (Female)

RP-TNC Plug (Male)

RP-TNC Jack (Female)

FME Plug (Male)

FME Jack (Female)

SMB Plug (Male)

SMB Jack (Female)

MCX Plug (Male)

MCX Jack (Female)

MMCX Plug (Male)

MMCX Jack (Female)


UHF Plug (Male)

UHF Jack (Female)

Mini-UHF Plug (Male)

Mini-UHF Jack (Female)

F Plug (Male)

Jack (Female)

QMA Plug (Male)

QMA Jack (Female)

7/16 DIN Female

7/16 DIN Male