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The material of the RF connector and the advantages and disadvantages of the RF connector

Author: Date:1/15/2020 10:43:53 PM

Materials for RF connectors:

Different materials and different structures are also suitable for different occasions. High-quality military connectors are used, and high-quality materials are used. Brass or zinc alloy can be used for outer conductor and outer casing parts, stainless steel is not required for electroplating housing parts;

The elastic contact piece is made of beryllium bronze, and the general purpose is phosphorus bronze or silicon bronze;

The insulating medium is usually selected from high temperature resistant polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE);

Silicone rubber is used for the sealing parts, and iron washers and nuts are used to prevent rust and corrosion after environmental testing.



RF connection is good and bad:

First, from the appearance, shape, coating inspection, then look at the structure, mechanical strength, interchangeability, thread coordination, and finally check the performance parameters, whether the cable is secure and reliable, and easy to install.