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The importance of the connection between SMP RF connectors and PCB boards

Author: Date:8/31/2019 12:39:23 AM
    Because SMP RF connectors are now increasingly required for board-to-board intermediate connections. The vertical spacing between the upper and lower parallel plates in the middle of the circuit board is not guaranteed to be the same, and there is also a parallel displacement in the alignment between the two plates, especially in the case where a plurality of channels are coupled together in the middle of the two plates. Because of the transmission of RF data signals, an excellent overall connection is critical to RF characteristics.

Such characteristics include small data signal characteristics and large data signal output power characteristics. Otherwise, the characteristic impedances are not matched, resulting in a large attenuation coefficient of the data signal reflecting surface, a small transmitted data signal, and a poor output power endurance. The SMP-MAX board-to-board connector components designed with the integrated PCB have large radial and axial tolerances and output power tolerance, making it ideal for use with RF channels that need to be connected together. The SMP-MAX board-to-board connector assembly is a undulating construction consisting of a snap holder that is soldered to the PCB, and a slide holder that is soldered to the PCB and an adapter bulk in the middle. The two blocks are soldered to two printed circuit boards, and the three patch RF connectors and two printed circuit boards form the connector circuit board assembly.


Different scenarios are used for different PCBs. SMP RF connectors are connected to different PCBs. The RF characteristics are very different. The reason is that the transmission power circuit is not paired. It's not just about changing the printed circuit board layout. Therefore, the overall design of the connector and PCB layout should be jointly designed according to the requirements of use, and good RF performance can be guaranteed with different tolerances.