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The importance of connectors in electronic systems

Author: Date:6/23/2020 6:25:02 AM
 From the application field, the largest market segment of connectors is telecommunications or data communication, consumer electronics and electronic computers and peripheral equipment.The second is automobile, industrial automation and instrumentation.Connectors are less important in China's domestic market than globally;The third largest market is medical equipment, aerospace military, railway and traffic control, and power supply and distribution equipment. 


   The importance of connectors in electronic systems is often underestimated.Many designers of electronic systems have had similar experiences: using the cheapest connector, but often ending up paying more.Faulty connector selection and use can result in system failure, product recall, product liability cases, circuit board damage, rework and repair, which in turn can lead to sales and customer loss.Therefore, in the design of electronic products, please do not underestimate the importance of connectors, or it will only be penny wise and pound foolish.The importance of selecting a suitable connector for electronic devices can be seen.

   So, how do you choose a connector?Due to the impact of the economic crisis, cost will be taken into account in the design, but in addition, more attention should be paid to the high quality and stability of the product, as well as the design characteristics of the connector itself.I think the following aspects of the innovative design of ERNI connector can provide some reference for electronic designers: First: the idea of dual-rod design.In the ERNI connector series, the dual rod design idea runs through the whole process.Figuratively speaking, the double bar design can be described as "kill two birds with one stone".Optimized terminal design ADAPTS to high speed signal transmission and provides higher directional tolerance.In comparison of inductance, capacitance, impedance, etc., the two-bar terminal structure is reduced for high-speed applications and optimized to minimize discontinuity.The dual rod design allows multiple connectors to be placed on a single circuit board without plug or short circuit problems, eliminating the need for a large number of signals on a single connector.The simple wiring of the two rods can save space, make the connector smaller and simplify the detection of welding pins.Like 12 on a board.It also reduces rework costs.Practical applications such as telecommunication end-user equipment.Second: design of pin without depression in assembly process.Traditional stamping will cause bending or deformation pin due to improper handling, the bending process will cause capillary cracks, from the long-term product is not desirable, but also affect the circuit performance and cost.ERNI USES the direct stamping to the bending Angle, the stamping terminal can avoid the capillary crack caused by the bending process, ensuring a complete electromechanical connection.Pin coplanar 100%, control to tolerance ±0.05mm, 100% table stick pin coplanar testing to ensure the reliability of the circuit board assembly process, ensure good welding, improve the product excellent rate, reduce the cost.And improve the soundness of right-angle connectors to prevent the connector from being damaged due to improper operation. "unbreakable" is a good word to describe it.It is especially suitable for inkjet printer controller, InterfaceModule module interface, etc.Third: high retention of surface paste design.For SMT products, it is generally considered that the holding power on the board is poor.Is the PCB holding power of the surface mount end lower than that of the through hole end?The answer is: not necessarily.PCB retention can be improved by design improvement.If the welding support, surface pin hole (micro hole), large welding pad three aspects can be superimposed to improve the retention.In fact, even I/O connectors can use surface - attached pins.This can be figuratively likened to "taking root."For example, X-ray machine, ultrasonic scanner, robot Ethernet switch in the design.Fourth: Ruggedness design.To determine the robustness of the connector, while allowing the use of flat block crimping tools, the plate is fixed to the housing to improve robustness, achieve superior manufacturing processes, and increase production.In a word, "rock solid."Specific applications such as positron emission tomography, railway vehicle embedded system, etc.Fifth: high current, small spacing design.With the demand of miniaturization of automobile electronics and consumer electronics, the design concept of high current and small spacing needs to be considered.Sixth: advanced lock design.ERNI adopts dual lock design to meet different requirements. Forward lock is designed for strong vibration applications, which is very suitable for automobile and subway applications. Friction lock is designed for general vibration applications.Double locking double safety insurance ensures reliable connections and no special tools are required to remove (repair/replace) cables on site.It is suitable for the design of monitor and LED lights.

  As connectors and interconnect technologies become more important in the design of electronic systems, do not underestimate the power of connectors.Product design engineers not only need to pay attention to the chip technology, but also need to pay attention to the selection of peripheral components, so as to get the best performance of the system.