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The electronic connector has promoted the industrial science and technology intellectualization process

Author: Date:4/6/2020 6:25:03 PM
 In today’s society, the development of science and technology is faster and faster, people also gradually to electronic, technology development, and electronic connector is such a new thing. At both ends of a loop, there are two conductors, and there may be no connection between the two conductors. The role of electronic connector is to make the two conductors well connected, so that different currents or communication signals can effectively flow between the two conductors.


It is widely used in all kinds of electrical engineering. And it is simple and convenient that we can make a temporary connection through electronic connector, which can be inserted and pulled at will to solve the problem for a while. It can also be a permanent connection in the middle of many electrical devices, or a permanent node can be established between different wires.

The material sort of electronic connector is very much, the connector of different sort, having different effect, the degree of difficulty of machining, also can affect the effect that USES greatly. The materials we use to make electronic connectors generally include materials that can be insulated such as plastic, and some materials that can conduct electricity, such as phosphorous copper or brass. When we choose electronic connectors with different functions, we should pay attention to the choice of appropriate products according to the specific situation.