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The development prospect of 5G transmission connector

Author: Date:4/24/2019 10:33:56 PM
 5G will be another key factor in the outbreak of the communications market. The connector carries the data connection task between the computer and the terminal in the communication. In the data communication, the wired and wireless communication coexist, which means that the demand for the 5G transmission connector will increase greatly. The connector will continue to grow in the communication device. In automotive applications, in addition to the need for connectors for automotive entertainment systems and electric systems, in addition to transferring data between engine management systems, equipment, etc., connectors are also required between in-vehicle entertainment systems, electronic devices, and the like.


With the advent of 5G networks, 5G transmission connectors act as important connection identities, industrial connectors require greater reliability and performance, and with the construction of the Industrial Internet, stronger connectors are needed between industrial devices and networks. They have new requirements for the performance of the connector. 

Traditional connectors require three major performance requirements: mechanical, electrical, and environmental. For these properties, In the face of 5G transmission connectors, It will develop high-frequency high-speed connector technology to achieve smaller and more convenient connection technology. In the era of IoT, wireless technology is everywhere. Of course, in the 5G era, there may be dozens of connectors in a fiber-optic device, which will require smaller connectors to achieve higher performance requirements. 


As a very basic connection device, the 5G new market will not only bring new challenges , but also bring new growth compared to the slow-growing application market such as mobile services. The development prospects of 5G transmission connectors are bright, and all  will be greeted and look forward to the explosion of 5G network.