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The advantages of waterproof connectors.

Author: Date:3/16/2020 5:21:55 PM
 Waterproof connectors are the electron components which work under the water and resist water.Power cords, network cables can be put in their internal. they can provide normal and reliable power supply and the signal transmission.The most important and characteristic role is that they are waterproof and dust proof.


At the moment, the IP waterproofing standard is the main standard of waterproof connector for waterproof performance.We know the waterproof performance by the IPXX, The two number XX behind the IP.first X is from 0 to 6,The supreme grade is 6.The second number is from 0 to 8. The supreme grade is 8.So the highest waterproofing level of waterproof connectors are IP68.

With the development of technologies.Many stuffs in our life use electricity . But the things with electricity have influence in our safety somehow.So waterproof is important,waterproof connectors can be used into environment with water,have excellent sealing performance and reliable waterproof performance.For example,If some equipment need to be in the water or be fixed in the water.the waterproof connectors have no need to worry about the water especially the water contains many chemical substances come into the connectors which will damage the connectors.

Waterproof connectors are the good news for us.They have many applications.Many area need to use the waterproof connectors,Like the industrial environment, lighting decoration controlled,Urban outdoor lighting project,Lighthouse, cruise ship, aviation, industrial equipment, cable, sprinklers etc.They all use the waterproof connectors.Because the military fields have the strict requires.They use many waterproof connectors,Like submarines and submarine-launched missiles connectors and so on.