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The advantages and disadvantages of nickel plating and gold plating

Author: Date:4/14/2020 6:00:07 PM
 What is the advantage and disadvantages if nickle plating?And how about the gold plating?When post the pcb mount.Why the nickle plated is more convenient to solder the tin?There are many false solder in the nickle plating,But few in the gold plating,That’s why?


Answer 1: We know only the weld ability and conductivity of gold, its stability is the best among metals,It is widely used in PCB board.Nickel, good stability, but poor weld ability,But the temperature is better,It is rare to hear of nickel plating on the gold fingers of PCB boards,

Answer 2:Connector plating a single coating is very few, generally after nickel plating and then a layer of gold. Gold electroplates better conductivity and weld ability than nickel, but costs more. The cost of nickel is low, used in the ground coating on the substrate play a filling role, and subsequent coating capacity.

Answer 3: the electroplating physical properties are relatively stable, electrical conductivity is better, but the material is more expensive, general electroplating in the contact layer of the terminal.

Answer 4: the nickel itself electroplating is not good, generally will not be directly plated nickel for welding, is now the so-called solderable nickel, but it is a layer of flux after nickel plating.