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SMA waterproof connector grade requirements and applications

Author: Date:5/13/2019 1:52:15 AM
 With the rapid advancement of science, the threaded waterproof connectors SMA, which are the most widely used and are also widely used in outdoor. SMA waterproof connectors mean that connector can be used when there is water. A connector that can withstand the mechanical properties of the connector and the electrical performance of the connector can withstand a large amount of water pressure in the environment.


SMA waterproof connectors are not only used in deep water environments, but also widely used in daily life, such as In LED lighting, urban outdoor lighting projects, cruise ships, lighthouses, industrial equipment, aviation cables, etc. SMA connector protection up to IP68, connector highest grade IP68 test, its test equipment, test conditions and test time, because the connector protection level for outdoor use needs to reach at least IP67, underwater use The protection level should reach IP68.

The protection degree of waterproof connectors is generally divided into the following

0: not waterproof

1: prevent water droplets

2: When the outer casing is tilted to 15 degrees, the water drops drip into the outer casing without affecting

3: Water or rain has no effect from the 60 degree corner to the outer casing

4: Liquid splashed from any direction to the shell without damage

5: Rinse with water without any damage

6: Prevent strong spray water, can be used in the environment inside the cabin

7: Soaking water in a short time

8: Continuous flooding under a certain pressure

The highest level of Waterproof connector is IP68 test, its test equipment, test conditions and test time, agreed by the supply and demand (buy and deal), its severity is naturally much higher than its underlying protection level. For example, the IP68 waterproof test of the waterproof connector is: ensure that the water is 10 meters deep, work for 24 hours without water, and the damage test for 12 hours, still can maintain the good performance of the product.