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SMA connector adapter manufacturing process

Author: Date:11/26/2019 10:53:40 PM
    For the connector industry practitioners, it should not be unfamiliar to the sma adapter, then you know how to make the SMA adapter, what is the manufacturing process?  The manufacturing process of the SMA adapter can be completed in a simple five-step process.

    In general, the connector SMA adapter manufacturing process is mainly divided into five steps, as follows:

1. Solder the tin on the tail with a pin in the SMA

2. Insert the inner core of the antenna feeder into the small hole of the SMA seat pin and heat it.

3. The inner core of the welded antenna feeder is inserted into the SMA seat.

4. Solder the antenna shield and the SMA base layer with solder.

5, take a 5mm diameter heat shrinkable tube, heat shrink in the sma tail