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Rf coaxial connector variety specification selection is very important

Author: Date:4/30/2020 9:16:12 AM
 Rf coaxial connector is installed on the cable or is a device inside a component, usually used for transmission line electrical connection or separation, is a commonly used electronic components, is a mechatronics products.
Rf coaxial connector is generally installed on the cable or a kind of electronic components in the instrument, is used for transmission line electrical connection or separation of electronic components.Is a kind of mechatronics electronic components.Radio-frequency coaxial connector is installed in the cable or a kind of electronic products in the instrument, metal parts are generally made of copper material, the case multi-purpose lead brass, pin socket with beryllium bronze, with PTFE, that is, polytetrafluoroethylene as insulation material, coating mainly has gold plating, silver plating, nickel plating, plating ternary alloy and so on.The main technical indicators are characteristic impedance, insulation resistance, contact resistance, voltage standing wave ratio, insertion loss, third order intermodulation.