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RF connector structure

Author: Date:3/20/2019 8:36:31 PM
What are the main parts of the RF connector? Where is the application? Now introduce the relevant structural knowledge about RF.


The main components of the RF connector are outer conductor, insulator, center pin, nut case, buckle, waterproof ring, dust cap, etc.


First, the outer conductor acts as a grounding shield. The material is usually brass. There are a few series. Because the mating method requires the outer conductor to be in elastic contact, it is necessary to use beryllium copper or phosphor bronze to achieve the number of butt joints.


Electroplating is usually gold-plated, ternary alloy, nickel (the product is disabled when there is a third-order intermodulation), the main body is designed with barbs, rollers, grooves, and assembled insulators to achieve axial thrust and torsion requirements.


Second, the insulator is insulated, the material is usually PTFE, a few products use PEEK for higher mechanical properties, or ceramic insulators are used to achieve higher temperature requirements.


Third, the center pin acts as a transmission signal, and the material is usually made of beryllium copper, phosphor bronze, brass (usually used for male needles).


Fourth, the waterproof ring is waterproof and dustproof. The material is usually made of silica gel, which is mostly used in outdoor products.