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RF connector selection and use

Author: Date:9/22/2019 11:22:20 PM
   There are many different types of connectors on the market, so how do you choose the right RF connector? It is recommended to comprehensively consider the following aspects, eliminate one by one, and finally optimize the required products.

1. Select the RF connector with characteristic impedance and working frequency according to the requirements.

2. Select the appropriate RF connector and the appropriate cable according to the transmission power size, insertion loss, and shielding requirements.

3. Determine the connection mode of the RF connector by combining the size of the space, the frequency of insertion and removal, and the environment in which it is used.

4. The fixed method (flange, nut, welding) is determined according to the use space with fixed requirements.

5, need to connect the cable to determine the cable termination method.

6, according to the use requirements to determine the connector dimensions.

The user must be familiar with the performance of the selected product and use it strictly according to the rated conditions. Any overloaded use may cause the RF connector to fail. For cable connectors, special attention should be paid to the attachment of the connector to the cable, which should be assembled according to the assembly instructions provided by the supplier and with suitable attachment tools. If the cable is not properly attached, even if the cable and connector perform well, component performance may be poor.