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RF connector maintenance and care

Author: Date:6/23/2019 10:57:10 PM
     Every company will plug in the connector when using the device. At this time, it is very important to maintain and maintain the i. A good connector will also cause economic loss due to poor performance. And so on. So how do you do the maintenance of the connector connector? Let's take a look at the method summarized in Editor.

   All RF connectors used in PIM testing, including test adapters, test cable assemblies, test loads, and all RF connectors for test instruments, must be clean and reliable to ensure accurate PIM test results. reliable.




Regularly clean the RF connector to ensure consistency during the connection. To ensure that the connector is in place, tighten the nut. Do it by hand
Initial lock and then use a torque wrench to achieve the required torque. Remove all test adapters and cable assemblies before testing
O-rings, which will reduce the torque required for low PIM tight connections and extend the life of the connector. (Please do not remove the O-ring on the jumper on the station.) All connections require a torque wrench, and the 7/16 connector requires a torque of 20~25N.m. Please note that when tightening the connector, do not rotate the connector body (the second wrench should be used to secure the connector body). When the connector is not working, make sure that there is a protective cap at the interface. The number of times the RF connector is used is limited. The typical value is 500 times. Because the PIM test is very sensitive, the number of uses may not be reached, so it is necessary to have Excess connectors, adapters, and cable assemblies.