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RF connector development overview

Author: Date:10/13/2019 9:03:10 PM
   RF connector have a shorter history than other electronic components. In 1930, the UHF connector for vehicles in the world was the earliest RF connector.

During the Second World War, due to the need of war, small, medium and small series such as N, C, BNC and TNC were produced with the development of weapons, radar and microwave communication. After 1958, small and micro products such as SMA, SMB, SMC, MCX, SSMA, and SSMB appeared one after another. In 1964, the US military standard MIL-C-39012 "General Specification for RF Coaxial Connectors" was established. From the same year to 1965, China began to select RF connectors. In 1966, the four-machine department organized the design, identification and selection of products and standards that were adapted to China's national conditions. Since then, RF connectors have begun to evolve toward standardization, serialization, and generalization.

    In these 70 years. Through the joint efforts of experts from various countries, the RF connector has formed an independent and complete professional system, which has become an important part of the electrical connector family and an indispensable key component of the coaxial transmission system. The development technology of RF connectors in the United States, Britain, France and other countries is in a leading position, and its design, production, testing and use technology are matched by Jackie Chan. The improvement is not only the formation of a complete standard system, but also standardization in raw materials, auxiliary materials, testing systems, assembly tools, etc., and professional scale production. New products continue to emerge, such as QMA, MMBX, and so on. Some products have been patented, and the operating frequency of the products has grown from 3 GHz to 40 GHz, and some products have reached 110 GHz.


    Since the 1960s, China has developed and produced RF connectors from the whole machine factory. It has been produced by professional factories in the 1970s. According to the self-reliance policy, it focuses on products designed intensively. Since the 1980s, it has adopted international standards to develop and produce international universal products. Mainly based on state-owned and collective enterprises, there have been some private, joint venture, and foreign-funded enterprises. At present, there are hundreds of domestic RF connector manufacturers, but the scale is not large. Some of the backbone manufacturers have the same production methods, production capacity and level as foreign countries.