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RF coaxial connector power capacity

Author: Date:3/10/2020 5:37:48 PM
 The power capacity of RF connector is an important part of the standard to evaluate the quality of rf coaxial connectors. So what do you know about the power capacity of the rf coaxial connector? ROHO will introduce you to this knowledge in detail.

The power capacity of the rf coaxial connector is a complicated problem, which is affected by many factors.

Pin size: the size of the pin is related to the current capacity of the connector and directly affects the power.

VSWR: The reflection wave occupies the channel capacity space, resulting in the transmission power capacity reduction

Insertion loss:There is a difference between input and output power due to the existence of loss.

Air pressure (altitude):The higher the altitude, the lower the pressure, the smaller the power capacity.

Contact resistance:Contact resistance causes the contact to heat up, making it difficult to transmit high power microwave signals.

Influence of frequency:The change of transmission signal frequency directly leads to the change of loss and VSWR, which affects the transmission power capacity.

For the above reasons are uncertain factors, so the connector is generally not given power capacity value indicators, only in the load, attenuator and other technical indicators of microwave passive components can indicate the index.