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RF coaxial connector life test collection, tried to say good!

Author: Date:11/19/2019 12:07:48 AM
    RF coaxial connector life test collection, tried and said! For many customers, in the purchase of RF coaxial connector products, in addition to considering the price factor, will also consider the life of the RF coaxial connector Related issues, the following ROHO technicians will teach you how to test the life of RF coaxial connectors, absolutely dry goods, can not miss the amount.

    Prepare a RG223 test cable assembly (BXT P/N: RG223-03-03-1000A) with a length of 1 m and a Nm end. The screw sleeve and outer conductor of the tested Nm joint are made of copper-plated ternary alloy material. The inner conductor is made of gold-plated copper. To complete this experiment, you need to meet the following conditions:


1) Test the Nm interface at one end, dock with an Nf connector, and connect and disassemble with a wrench. In order to ensure the accuracy, the Nf joint of stainless steel is used. In general, the life of the connector of stainless steel is 1000 times, which is twice as high as that of copper.

2) One cycle per plugging, the insertion loss of the cable assembly and the standing wave of the interface of the tested end are measured after every 100 plugs, and the value at the 2.2 GHz frequency point is recorded. The test was carried out 2,400 times.


    Although the above test is only for one RF connector, we can draw some conclusions from the test results:

1) If all products are used in accordance with the rules, the life of the RF connector will exceed the standard value of 500 times;

2) In the entire frequency band, no insertion loss and standing wave hopping were found at a certain frequency point.

3) The insertion loss value of the RF connector gradually increases with the mechanical wear; while the standing wave has almost no change; from the process, there seems to be no obvious failure point, so if there is no obvious fault of the cable on the production line, A mandatory retirement system should be established to ensure test indicators.