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RF coaxial connector and 5G era

Author: Date:5/21/2019 11:42:03 PM
     According to reports, recently, a company has received orders for 1 million home 5G network terminal products. The company is the first production product of Hubei Province and China Mobile and Fiberhome Technology to produce 5G product network terminals. Before the end of the year, the company The production line will be completely converted to 5G products, and the wide application of 5G products makes RF coaxial connectors have a broader market.


 As for the integration of home applications and mobile communications, the industry began to practice as early as the 3G era, and the 4G era has made some progress. In the 5G era, the 5G system has high bandwidth, large capacity, high reliability, and low latency for the home network. The potential for a variety of new applications. In some scenarios, 5G home applications are preferred.


RF head connectors are divided into various specifications according to their frequency range, performance, size and shape, such as SMA, N, IPEX, MCX, SMB, SMP, DIN, TNC, MMCX connector types, etc. The connectors are used for different RF applications. Impedance, frequency range, power handling, physical size and many other parameters (including cost) will determine the best type for a given application.


   In the 5G era, connectors have also been favored from traditional to small, such as SMA, MMCX, MCX, SMP and other RF connectors, and in the next few years, 5G will sweep the country at a crazy speed, in 2024, The 5G network is expected to cover one-third of the world, and is expected to cover nearly half of the world in 2025.