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RF cable assembly parameters

Author: Date:6/12/2019 9:08:05 PM
     The RF cable assembly contains the cable + connector, so the parameters are also the sum of the two, any one of the bad will affect the entire component! Lightly affects the delivery period, but leaves a safety hazard. 

The RF cable assembly mainly looks at the following three parameters:


one,Standing wave; standing wave is a kind of distribution state formed by two kinds of electric waves with the same frequency and opposite transmission direction along the transmission line. One of the waves is generally a reflected wave of another wave. How to see the standing wave here is not detailed in a small day;


Second, the insertion loss; insertion loss is also an important part, of course, there are various kinds of earthquake resistance, salt spray coefficient is also, these professional parameters are generally given by manufacturers;


Third, mutual adjustment and other, such as impedance, attenuation and so on.