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Questions to be aware of before and after the use of the FPC connector

Author: Date:11/20/2019 1:46:43 AM
    There are many types of FPC connectors on the market today, and many purchasers are prone to make trouble when selecting FPC connectors. The number of pins of the FPC connector is different depending on the specifications. In addition to the shape, FPC connectors also have different divisions in terms of use. Today, plugging in the World Network will bring you to understand how to use different types of FPC connectors, as well as the attention of the use.

    About the use of FPC connectors,we know that because of the many different types of connectors, the use of connectors is still different.


1 For example, how to distinguish the connection methods of the upper connection, the lower connection and the double-sided connection. First, it is necessary to first check whether the metal terminal pin contact surface of the FPC connector is above or below. If it is on the top, it is the connection method. Below is the connection method for the next connection.


2 There is also a double-sided connection method. This is a double-sided connection method that can be inserted into the front and rear. The principle is to support the connection of the upper and lower connections. In addition, the most common application for the FPC connector is double-sided connection. This method of use.


    What are the concerns when using the FPC connector?


1. When the lock cover of the FPC connector is opened, the operation of opening the lock cover should not be too large, otherwise the lock cover may be deformed and damaged. Second, excessive force will cause the lock cover to press the connector to open, which may cause the connector's terminal to be deformed or broken.


2. Since the FPC connectors are generally composed of multi-core pins, it is necessary to avoid shaking or shaking of the connector on the connector. Otherwise, the position of the FPC connector is not completely offset. Plug in, which will affect the use of the connector.


3. During the use of the FPC connector, the connected cable should not be randomly pulled and pulled, otherwise it will cause some data anomalies or missing problems in the use of the FPC connector.


4. Do not insert the FPC connector obliquely to avoid the connector between the pins of the connector not fully connected. The pins of the FPC connector should be inserted slowly at right angles.


5. If the pin end of the FPC connector is directly broken or bent, in order to prevent the safety hazard, do not apply it to the use, you should choose to replace it immediately, otherwise it will cause the line between the connectors. Poor transmission, causing some short-circuit phenomenon, in serious cases, it may directly burn the connector.


6. When soldering the FPC connector, it should be noted that the solder in the reflow soldering of the pad should not be added too much, otherwise the terminal soldering of the connector may be unstable or cause a solder joint phenomenon.


    In addition to the above-mentioned concerns, there is another point. Regarding the FPC connector, if we just look at it with the naked eye, it is difficult to distinguish the difference between it and the FFC connector. In fact, the two are not a type at all, so When using it, look carefully at the product description to prevent confusion. The above is what I shared with you today. I hope to help you.