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Protective cable connector precautions

Author: Date:3/14/2019 7:14:56 PM
 The protective cable connector is also known as the test end adapter.  If you want to re-purchase or return to the factory for repair due to damage to the RF connector, you will not only spend money, but also waste valuable time. 


1) High-frequency instrumentation with air media interface.

When the operating frequency is higher than 26.5GHz, it is necessary to use the radio interface of the air medium, such as 3.5mm, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, etc. Since the inner conductor has no medium support, such joints are more likely to be damaged, and the protective joint is almost necessary. of.


2) Passive intermodulation measurement equipment.

Intermodulation product testing of passive components is a very sophisticated test project. The intermodulation index of the passive intermodulation measurement equipment can be as low as -170dBc@2×43dBm. Any poor contact of the joint may cause the deterioration of the intermodulation index. On the production line, the life of a frequently used low intermodulation test cabipment, there must be a protective joint.


3) General equipment.

Most of the test equipments use N-type connectors, which are used for connectors in the instrument. Their lifespan is certainly longer than that of ordinary connectors, but it also has a long life. Once worn, it is also inevitable to return to the factory for maintenance. From this point of view, any test instrument needs to be protected as long as you think it is necessary.