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PCB connector grows steadily and is designed to be the key to success

Author: Date:11/22/2019 1:03:01 AM
    PCB series connectors are widely used, and PCB connectors can be seen in the fields of aviation, transportation, industry, aerospace, instrumentation, and ships. The connector is made of PBT material and has good electrical and motor characteristics, which can be widely used in industrial applications.

    China's PCB connector industry is one of the few regions not affected by the global economic downturn. Due to the strong domestic and international market demand, as electronic devices move toward higher transmission speeds and become smaller, connectors are beginning to evolve in response to this trend. Miniaturization and cost reduction have become major trends in the development of PCB connectors.

    WAGOPCB terminal blocks with in-line cage spring connection technology are suitable for compact device connections. They are compatible with existing industrial solutions and can be effectively integrated into space-constrained and panel feedback applications.

    Tyco Electronics has further expanded its DECHI 369 series connectors, and the new dual-version connectors can be directly integrated into printed circuit boards for commercial aircraft interior, helicopter and rail lighting applications.

    GaryBannister, Global Product Manager, Aviation, Defense & Marine, TEConnectivity, said: "Customers use PCB connectors to eliminate the need to wire between boards and connectors, saving time, space and cost. PCB products make the 369 connector series more complete."

    Tyco Electronics also recently introduced a versatile connector that effectively simplifies applications that require parallel stacking of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Tyco's new generation of 0.8mm free height connectors achieve an unprecedented speed of 32Gbps+. These high-speed, medium-density mezzanine solutions offer outstanding price/performance ratios for 56Gbps PAM-4 and PCIeGen5 for future system upgrades. For mainstream server and storage applications, these solutions offer significant system cost savings through the use of 32Gbps technology, as well as industrial, instrumentation and medical equipment.

    Easy to operate is the key

    A reliable locking system is one of the important prerequisites for the safe operation of the equipment. However, increasingly compact design sizes and ever-increasing coupling densities complicate the operation of the connector, and the increasing number of stitches also results in greater force when the plug is removed.

    With these challenges in mind, Weidmüller improved the locking and release handle design of the OMNIMATE signal connector, enabling a quick connection of the socket self-locking without tooling. At the same time, the release of the plug can be easily achieved by simply turning the handle.

    For field wiring assemblies, highly evaluable and easy to operate connection points are essential. Using its expertise in the MCSMAXI6 and MCSMAXI16, WAGO offers the world's first pluggable connector with lever for intuitive, tool-free use. With this feature, connectors can be connected to your hands quickly and easily. In addition, simply reducing the lever always ensures a reliable contact.

    The design engineers of high-speed communication boards used to have a problem: the boards that were designed well, the tens of hundreds of connectors and many expensive active passive devices distributed on the board, but often because of some It is a pity that a single connector is not soldered or the welding fails, causing the entire board to be contaminated or even scrapped. Even if it is not scrapped, sometimes the welding is inconsistent or the welding performance is degraded, which will affect the final work result.

    In response to this problem, Gubo Interconnect introduced a reusable, solderless 2.92mm connector two years ago, model: 2.92-KHD23

    The connector can be applied to microwave boards of different thicknesses, such as microstrip boards, or coplanar waveguide boards. The solderless design makes the performance of the connector independent of the operator's differences. After installation with the internal hexagon tool, the performance consistency of each engineer operation can be guaranteed and clarified. This greatly improves the efficiency of the test and verification engineer, and also significantly reduces the scrap rate of the connector and the microwave board, thereby saving costs.