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Overview of RF connector development

Author: Date:5/7/2020 12:31:24 AM
 Compared with other electronic components, RF connectors have a short history.The UHF connector, which appeared in 1930, was the earliest RF connector.To the second world war, because of the war, with the development of radar, radio and microwave communication, the N, C, BNC, TNC series, such as medium, appeared after 1958 the miniaturization of products such as SMA, SMB, SMC, in 1964 established the United States military standard MIL - C - 39012 "standard of RF coaxial connector total", from then on, the RF connector began to develop in the direction of standardization, seriation, generalization.

The United States, the United Kingdom, France and other countries RF connector development technology is in a leading position, its design, production, testing, use of technology has become a complete set, tends to improve, not only formed a complete standard system, and raw materials, auxiliary materials, testing system, assembly tools and other has been standardized, and professional scale production.RF connector has gradually shown its own professional characteristics:

1. More varieties: more than 20 international series, more varieties.

2. Rely on mechanical structure to ensure electrical characteristics, is an mechatronics products, and other low-frequency connectors are fundamentally different.

3. The parts processing is mainly the turning machine processing, the assembly manual work is too much, it is difficult to carry out automatic assembly.

4. Product upgrading is slow.

5. It is an important part of the electrical connector and a labor-intensive product with certain technical content.

6. Product reliability, failure mode and failure mechanism are complex.

With the development of science and technology, RF connector appears more and more important, new technology and new products emerge in an endless stream.The rf coaxial connector industry will be a big market.