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Naming method for rf coaxial connectors

Author: Date:6/2/2020 2:28:48 AM

Main name:

The main nomenclature of the rf coaxial connector adopts the international common nomenclature nomenclature, and the nomenclature of the different structural forms of the specific product is specified by the detailed specification.


Structural form code:

Table 1: classification of structural forms and codes (separated by "-")


Example of model composition of rf connector:

Example 1: SMA-JW3 represents SMA bent radio frequency plug, the conductor of the plug is the pin contact, with syv-50-2-1, RG316/RG316D, sff-50-1.5-1 and other radio frequency cables.

Example 2: SMA - 75 JHD said SMB straight type ha ha the impedance of the condensation on the circuit board is 75 Ω radio frequency socket.


Model name and composition of adapter:

Adaptor and impedance adaptor models are derived from the plug or socket models. Generally, the main designation of the adaptor model is indicated by the connector master designation (within the series adaptor) or in the form of a score (between the series adaptor).

Case 1: SMA - JK said adapter in the SMA type 50 Ω series, end of the needle of the side hole for contact and contact.

Case 2: N/SMA - JK says end for N type needle contact element, the other end for SMA type hole contact element, the impedance of 50 Ω adapter.

Example 3: SMB said end of 50 to 50 j / 75 k Ω needle contact element, the other end of the 75 Ω hole contact type of SMB impedance adapter.