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N-joint manufacturing method

Author: Date:7/4/2019 8:17:43 PM
    N-type connector is a threaded medium power connector with high reliability, strong vibration resistance, excellent mechanical and electrical performance, widely used in radio equipment and instruments and ground launch under harsh vibration and environmental conditions. The system is connected to an RF coaxial cable. The N-series connector is a small to medium power connector with a threaded connection.

It is suitable for connecting RF cables or microstrip lines in the RF loop of microwave equipment and digital communication systems. Can be interchanged with international NG-type products. According to the characteristic impedance, it is divided into 50Ω and 75Ω. It has the characteristics of frequency bandwidth, excellent performance, high reliability and long life.


Roho has produced a number of low intermodulation N-type connector cable assemblies for UK customers. The following small days introduce you to the production of N-type connector cable assemblies:

Step 1: Strip the line, peel off the N head, put on the joint, tail, gasket, waterproof apron;

Step 2: Place the small gasket on the shield first, then insert the T-tube into the outer skin and shield;

Step 3: Peel off the exposed layer of insulation. Expose the core. Note that the length of the core should not be too short. If the small needle is still long, cut it short;

Step 4: Put a small needle for the welding-free needle directly into the end. Note that the size should not be too long or too short. Let the small needle just right in front. If it is a small needle that needs to be soldered, it can be soldered. Note that it cannot be soldered.

Step 5: Put the connector body on the watch to see if the position of the small needle is correct.

Step 6: Tighten with a wrench. The joint itself has a certain waterproof ability. (The red rubber ring will be stretched after being squeezed) but there is a stronger waterproof requirement that can be applied with waterproof glue. The upper heat shrinkable tube is as shown below.