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Microwave sensor working principle and advantages

Author: Date:7/1/2019 1:14:08 AM
 What is microwave induction?

Microwave induction: also called radar sensor, is using the doppler effect, moving people and objects, through the microwave emission regions, people and objects in the microwave wavelength and frequency of the before and after the change, by detecting the change of control function, so as to realize the automatic and off function of lamps and lanterns of the load.


Microwave sensor working principle has several advantages:

1. Intelligent induction:

When someone enters the sensing probe area (10-16m in diameter), the light automatically lights up;When people go after someone moving sensor detection range is no longer detected, the sensor into the delay time, delay time at the end of the lamp automatically put out (if someone moving to detect, light again full bright).

2. Intelligent identification:

The automatic identification of the detection of sunlight simply means that it can be set to be light during the day, and the light will be lit in the evening;It can also be lit at any time according to demand.

3. Anti-interference:

It is well known that exists in the space there are a lot of different frequency signals (such as mobile phone 3 GHz signal and wifi 2.4 GHz signals, TV remote control 433 KHZ signal, acoustic signals, etc.), some signal qiaqia is similar to the human body induction signal again, our product can intelligent identification of useful human body induction signal, prevent other interfering signal error trigger lamps, to ensure product reliability.

4. Strong applicability:

1), microwave sensors can reach through ordinary glass, wood, walls, roof installation absorption detection coverage of up to 360 degrees 14 m in diameter, and is not affected by temperature, humidity, dust and other bad environment influence;Widely used in indoor lighting, such as: study, corridor, corridor, garage, warehouse, basement, elevator mouth, door, etc.

2) applicable to control load such as ordinary suction lamp, fluorescent lamp, three-proof lamp, LED lamp, etc., almost all lighting fixtures can be used;String into the original line, small volume, hidden in the lamp, do not occupy the space, installation simple and convenient.

5. Energy conservation and environmental protection:

1) the power consumption of the product itself is < 1w, zero-level start, the best protection for the life of the sensor.

2) intelligent control lights will be switched on and off automatically, and it will be more beneficial to save energy and reduce consumption when necessary.

3) some people worry about the radiation of the microwave, which can be safely used. The microwave power of the product is less than 1mW (equivalent to 0.1 percent of the radiation of the mobile phone).

6. Advantages of comparison with similar products:

1), touch switch control, and panel switch control, are all need artificially to do touch control, touch switch winter hand if we take the glove touch may be invalid, especially at night time extremely inconvenient.

2), acoustic induction control is most easily affected by the external environment disturbance error trigger the lamps, and is not sensitive, sometimes need to deliberately make noise can trample floor induction, especially not to adapt to the external environment noisy situations.

3) the infrared induction control principle is the sensor to detect the temperature of the human body and compare the characteristic temperature of the sensor to achieve the lamp control.The weak point is that the sensing Angle is small, the detection range is relatively close, and the sensitivity drops when the temperature of the outside environment changes, even when the light is turned on.

4) microwave sensor control method compared with the commonly used lamps and lanterns, completely avoid the touch switch control, and panel switch control, voice control induction control, infrared sensing, its advantage is embodied in: the detection distance, wide coverage, strong anti-interference ability, high detection sensitivity, adapted to different environment situations, thoroughly liberated the hands, in addition to the human body for cars and so on movement of objects can be remote sensing, detection range, the delay time, the environment light, waiting time, waiting for brightness can adjust itself to the use of suitable for different occasions.

5) metal objects can't be penetrated, so there can't be a metal object in front of the sensor when it is installed.