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Main features and applications of SMP connector

Author: Date:12/22/2019 6:15:46 PM
   The main fields of use of  SMP connectors are transportation, communication, network, IT, medical, home appliances, etc. The rapid development of product technology in the supporting fields and the rapid growth of the market have strongly led the development of SMP connector technology. So far, RF SMP connectors have been developed into series products and specialized products with complete product categories, rich variety specifications, diverse structural types, professional direction subdivision, obvious industry characteristics, and standard system specifications.

   In general, the development of RF SMP connector technology has the following characteristics: high-speed and digital signal transmission, integration of various signal transmissions, miniaturization and miniaturization of product volume, cost reduction of products, and termination of contacts Ways of surface labeling, module combination, convenience of plugging and unplugging, etc. The above technology represents the development direction of SMP connector technology.

   Of course, the above technology is not required for all SMP connectors. SMP connectors in different supporting fields and different usage environments are completely different in terms of the above technologies.