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Listen to ROHO telling you what a BNC connector is.

Author: Date:2/24/2020 12:11:01 AM
    What do you know about BNC connector knowledge? As a component industry practitioner, you should know some basic knowledge of BNC connectors, know how to identify BNC connectors, then what is a BNC connector? For this problem, ROHO BNC connector network engineers will You introduce the relevant content of the BNC connector.

   What is a BNC connector? The ROHO electronics engineer believes that the BNC connector has a special display excuse that is different from the normal 15-pin D-SUB standard connector. It consists of RGB three primary color signals and five independent signal connectors for line sync and field sync. It is mainly used to connect workstations and other systems that require high scanning frequency.


   The BNC connector can isolate the video input signal, so that the interference between the signals is reduced and the signal bandwidth is larger than that of the normal D-SUB, which can achieve the best signal response.