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How to solder micro-RF coaxial connector?

Author: Date:3/11/2019 11:41:59 PM
 The miniature RF coaxial connector has obvious advantages in many connectors, light weight, small size, easy to use, etc., but many customers do not know how to solder the miniature RF coaxial connector. If the welding is wrong, it will cause Poor contact, which will cause signal transmission, how to solder the connector? The following  will tell you how to solder the miniature RF coaxial connector.

1. Decompose the stripped head, put on the joint, tail gasket and waterproof ring

2, the gasket is mounted on the shield, the tube is inserted into the sheath and shielded

3, peel off the insulation layer of suitable length, peel off the core, and insert the small needle

4, put a small needle, it is just right for the small needle to be inserted, soldered with a welder

5, the main body is connected to the joint

6, tighten with pliers