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How to select the right microwave rf test cable

Author: Date:5/12/2020 3:48:51 AM
 Microwave device based on PC vector network analyzer/real-time spectrum analyzer!High cost performance GNSS recording and playback simulator!ThinkRF cost-effective real-time spectrum analyzer!

In the field of wireless communication, microwave radio frequency test cable is a kind of commonly used high-precision system test consumable, which is used in conjunction with test instruments. The most common ones are vector network analyzers and frequency scanners of Agilent,Rohde & Schwarz,Anrisu, etc.

Any DUT is located between the signal generator and the analyzer, and the bridge between the DUT and the instrument is the test attachment or test system.Do not neglect these test accessories, when possible, it is best to solidify these test accessories into a standardized measurement system.When the instrument supplier provides the complete machine, the maximum test cable will be provided in accordance with the highest operating frequency of the instrument.However, in the real test process, there will be a variety of different situations that require the use of different attachments, all of which will affect the accuracy of the measurement results, which requires the tester to have an in-depth understanding of the relevant test attachments.

When selecting the specification of the cable in the test system, in addition to considering insertion loss and VSWR, the stability of the cable must be better.In the frequency and microwave frequency bands, the commonly used cables are divided into semi-rigid cables, semi-flexible cables and flexible braided cables.Flexible cable as a "test - level" cable.Compared with semi-rigid and semi-flexible cables, the cost of flexible cables is relatively high, which is because more factors should be considered in the design of flexible cables.Flexible cables that are easy to bend multiple times and still maintain performance are essential for testing cables.Soft and good electrical indicators are a pair of contradictions, is also the main reason for the increase in costs.The flexible cable must be stable in amplitude and phase under bending conditions.Generally speaking, single-stranded inner conductor cable is conducive to amplitude stability;Multi-strand inner conductor cable is conducive to the stability of the phase, it can be seen that only these two indicators are difficult to complete.GORE with years of low density flexible test cable core material PFFE (e - PTFE, bulk PTFE, dielectric constant as low as 1.3) technical mastery and application of zero clearance in armoured and innovation of technology, successfully realizes the armoured test cable is the perfect combination of electrical performance and mechanical performance, at the same time greatly prolonging the service life of the test cables, also retained the GORE cable usual fine and stable electric index, but also retain the light weight and flexible.Pay attention to the joint and cable connection parts of the process, which will affect the life of the cable.In this area, the traditional cable and connectors between a hard point of contact, it is easy to cause the fracture of the cable, which is most of the test engineer in the use of traditional cable testing the most headache problem in the process, and this is not a simple use heat shrinkable casing can solve, because this kind of fracture is often hard contact test cable after frequent bending, tension by cable transmission to hard contact, aging and rupture caused by hard contact.It is needless to say that the traditional flexible test cable without armoring can not effectively extend the service life of the test cable even if the enhanced heat-shrinkable sleeve is used at the cable and the joint because there is no armoring protection.However, due to the gap between the armored cables and between the armored cables and the signal transmission layer, the tension of the traditional armored cables will still be transmitted to the hard contact point after the cable is bent, causing the index of the cable to jump after a period of use.In order to effectively solve the above problems in actual application of traditional test cable, GORE non-clearane metal clad design closely to make the cable in the case of bending and tension caused by the bending and torsion will average distribution as far as possible to the cable machinery armoured layer, in order to reduce the contact points and the influence of signal transmission layer, so as to realize the stability of the electric index and prolong service life.