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How to reduce the wear of jack and pin in connector

Author: Date:4/17/2020 1:28:58 AM
 When the connector is connected, the pin will be expanded with a certain force, but it is easier to separate. Therefore, it is judged that the coupling force of the electronic connector is larger than the separation force.


Therefore, the interaction between the two forces is easy to cause the connector to wear out. If you want to reduce wear and tear, look at the following good ways: Improve the strength of the gold plating layer on the contact surface which can effectively reduce friction; the contact surface can be nickel plated and then gold plated, which is a little less frictional than gold plated directly on copper.

The thicker the nickel layer, the stronger the wear resistance of the gold plating layer.

The smoother the surface of the connector is, that is, the lower the roughness, so the friction is very small.

In the daily use of connectors, we should pay attention to the maintenance of electronic connectors to reduce human damage.