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How to purchase and select the RF admittance level switch?

Author: Date:11/24/2019 10:34:02 PM
    RF admittance level switch is widely used in chemical, metallurgy, electric power, medicine, food, paper, building materials and other industrial fields. It senses the level measurement and control by sensing the change in reactance (capacitive reactance and impedance) between the tank and the tank. It is based on the measurement of the original capacitance to improve the RF admittance measurement technology, representing a new level of today's level measurement. So, how should the RF admittance level switch be purchased and selected?


    Generally, when selecting a user, the user should select the following aspects according to their actual working conditions:


1, process temperature


    Different working conditions have different temperature requirements, so when selecting the type, it should be selected according to the specific requirements of the site. If the temperature at which the meter is operating is high, select the RF admittance level switch for the temperature that is appropriate for it. The Cape-11 series RF admittance level switch adopts high temperature resistant design and the process temperature can reach 450 °C, leading the industry.


2, the depth of insertion


    The insertion depth is the key to the meter's ability to accurately measure the level. The length of the insertion depends on whether the meter will be affected by material impact, damage, and so on. Therefore, when purchasing the type, it is necessary to confirm the depth of the insertion in order to select the probe of the corresponding length.


3, process connection


    The process connection is a key component of the instrument installed on the tank, pipeline and other equipment. It is generally divided into three categories: thread, flange and clamp. When selecting a process connection, it is necessary to select and customize the process connections of the appropriate size, thickness and material according to the site requirements.


4, protection function


    If the work site is damp or there is more dust, you must consider the RF induction level switch with protection function. The Cape-11 series RF admittance level switch has a protection rating of up to IP66, and the product is certified by a third-party reliability test with high reliability.