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How to develop high-end miniature connectors in china

Author: Date:3/21/2020 2:23:31 AM
 The development of high density micro connectors has attracted the attention of many countries in the world.The developed countries like United States and Japan strengthen the research and development of high-end micro products and infiltrate its production gradually into developing countries including China .

In the past few years. China’s society and economic information is developing rapidly.The demand for high-end electronic equipment is booming.Connector foreign-funded enterprises are increasing.In order to improve the ability of  competition,China’s connector industry should actively strengthen the development of high-end miniature connectors.For China’s miniature connectors just get start with poor technical foundation and shortage of funds.We believe that the following counter measures should be taken.

  • Establish economies of scale and group

The development of modern high-density micro connectors will not work,If there is no certain scale economy .Therefore, the current industrial pattern of repetition, Dispersion and small production should be led to the joint and gradually realize joint investment, intensive management.In accordance with the requirements of the modern enterprise system to establish a large group of companies with world-class competition to compete with foreign great competitors group.

  • Pay attention to the investment of technology and talents

We must base on the progress of technology and optimize technical structure, intensify technological upgrading,Strengthening the renewal of technological equipment,Introduce advanced technology of high density connector from abroad,At the same time.We need to strengthen the ability of digestion and absorption.enhance the ability of independent development,We should also pay attention to the cultivation and utilization of talents and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of scientific and technological personnel.

  • Products must strive for the grade.

We need to improve product quality in an all aspects.Widely adopted international standards.Strive to develop high-tech and cutting-edge high-reliability products.Create, excellent, special products.Focus on high-tech key technologies such as SMT.The main direction of the production of high and mid-range micro the overall level of improvement.

  • Identify key service areas

The development of micro-connectors must first meet the needs of the national economy, national key projects and military assembly.We should attache importance to investment equipment and a new generation of complete machine products.In particular, we must focus on promoting the national economy information service. Such as financial management computer networking, etc.In order to change the situation of mainly in consumer middle and low-end products and low localization rate of investment products.Our final purpose is gradually replacing imports with localization.

  • Face international and domestic markets

We need to establish a big market concept.participate in international competition and widely adopt international standards with international standards.According to market demand,While meeting domestic support strengthen export awareness and increase export share.We should strive to carry out the construction of foreign sales services.expand the international market share of high-end miniature connectors.

The world’s micro connector market and technology are moving forward.and thus driving the overall improvement of China’s high-end connector production capacity,Facing opportunities and working hard.The development of China’s micro connectors will certainly make substantial progress.Gradually we’ll narrow the gap with advanced countries and make China a powerful power producer.