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How to choose the high quality RF coaxial connector

Author: Date:3/11/2020 5:30:19 PM
 There are many kinds of RF coaxial connectors, including BNC, TNC, f, n, sma, SMB, MCX/MMCX, etc. It is a matter of great concern for users to choose a good quality connection that meets their needs in such a variety of connectors.


So how to choose the high quality rf coaxial connector?  Dosin hardware electronics will tell you more details about that.

What kind of rf coaxial connector is high quality, and how to choose such a product? When selecting, we need to take into account the interface type, electrical performance and connection form.

(1).  Interface type

RF connectors are connected not only to provide convenient and fast connection or separation of coaxial cables, but also to provide stable electrical performance and environmental protection devices.

(2). electrical performance


b.Withstand voltage;

c.Maximum efficiency

(3).Connection form

Connectors can be used for rf coaxial cable, circuit board, etc.Before using, you must be familiar with the performance of the selected product. When installing the cable connector, you should follow the assembly instructions provided by the supplier.