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How to choose the applicable WiFi module for the video transmission scheme

Author: Date:11/28/2019 10:47:46 PM
 In the working environment, the biggest contact we have is wired transmission, but this will be limited due to the conversion interface, transmission distance, etc., and wireless transmission will not, no wiring, no interface, and transmission distance must be wired. It is also the reason why the Internet of Things uses wireless communication technology extensively.

Wireless transmission


WiFi module selection points:


1, communication interface: USB, WAN / LAN, UART, I2S, I2C, SPI, SD, PWM;


2, power supply mode: 3.3V is more commonly used, there are also 5V power supply;


3, the antenna processing: there is PCB onboard; extended by IPEX carrier; combined with the motherboard design;


4, the specific size of the module, to facilitate the actual integration;


5, the advantages of work: 2.4-2.5GHz, 5.0-5.8GHz;


6, platform compatibility, some master MCU has a fixed wifi chip reference model;


7, software platform: basically linux and Android, just different kernel versions; there are some need XP2000, Vista or Windows;


8, module chip manufacturers: mainstream or Realtek / MTK / Atheros / Broadcom and some domestic RDA / BK;


Video transmission scheme WiFi module selection points:


Transmission distance: Most of the drones used for aerial photography will be used in the air environment, and in order to better capture the distant scenery, instead of the transmission distance of the WiFi module in the drone, it will become a key reference factor. This is also the first time that the long-distance picture transmission WiFi module SKW77 has been recognized by the majority of drone merchants, and the transmission distance can meet the aerial photography needs of most users;


Data rate: In order to ensure the smoothness of video transmission, the transmission rate of the WiFi module used in the video transmission scheme can preferably be greater than 300 Mbps. In the wireless module standard (IEEE802.11), the rated power of SKW77 supporting 802.11b / g / n is supported. Up to 300Mbps, and the SKW93A with 802.11b / g / n / ac in the dual-band WiFi module reaches 733Mbps. Although it can't match the SKW77 in the transmission distance, it can basically meet the rate requirement in short-distance video transmission.


Interface: The communication interface of the WiFi module includes serial port, USB, SD, I2S, I2C, WAN, LAN, SPI, PWM, etc. In the video transmission scheme, the WiFi selection type needs to be called according to the actual application function realization process. Interface (master-slave device, function, special interface) to select, some USB interface to establish connection with 4G module;


Application of SKW77 in UAV


The WiFi modules in the drone video transmission scheme are basically in pairs. One is built into the drone, an embedded repeater, and the WiFi module in the cascaded drone needs to convert the 4G signal of the 4G module into WiFi. Signal, therefore, the selected WiFi module needs to support 4G to WiFi function, SKW77 and SKW93A have USB interface, can be connected with 4G module through USB interface, and perform signal conversion;


The mobile terminal establishes a connection with the WiFi module SKW77 of the ground repeater via WiFi, and the WiFi module SKW77 of the ground repeater communicates with the WiFi module SKW77 of the drone through WiFi, and can transmit the control signal from the ground mobile phone terminal or through the WiFi. Transfer the video data of the drone aerial photography to the mobile phone for real-time viewing!