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How to choose the RF connector in the 5G era?

Author: Date:10/24/2019 7:29:54 PM
    The RF connector is usually considered to be a component attached to the cable or mounted on the instrument. As a component of the transmission line electrical connection or separation, with the advancement of 5G commercial, the 5G device is facing a new generation. The traditional RF connector is in the The transmission rate and reliability are no longer sufficient for the use of 5G massive Massive MIMO antennas.

    The design of MIMO antennas focuses on the high-speed transmission of signals between PCBs and a large number of antenna arrays and RF transceivers between boards. Therefore, the development of high-speed, high-power, small-size RF connectors is extremely urgent. simply put, we need a "smaller, lighter" high-end connector.

For example, the RRH (remote radio head), which is widely used in distributed base station systems, must be designed to be compact, simple, and reliable in the tower top and in urban dense environments. Controlling its size requires that the coaxial interconnect system carrying its RF signal transmission must also be more compact and compact. Traditional and complex cable assembly connections are being replaced by "board-to-board" coaxial connector connections that are simple, compact, and reliable while carrying more than 100W of RF signal power.

    ROHO RF coaxial connector

    ROHO RF coaxial connector can be used to build base stations, expand network coverage and increase traffic. Antenna mounts and antennas can meet a wide range of frequency requirements for a variety of micro-devices. The connector provides high-frequency performance from DC to 6GHz. The biggest to. This is very helpful for advancing the 5G process.


The ROHO connector is an ultra-small surface mount coaxial connector with or with a standard mating height of up to or . Secondly, the mounting area of the antenna base is small. If it is on the board, it occupies an area of square millimeters, and the weight is light. Only then, it supports the transmission high frequency up to 6 GHz and the layout on the automation board. The antenna base is terminated with a super-tin coaxial (fluorinated resin insulated) cable. Standard diameter ultra-fine coaxial cable (single braided shield) for plug termination for secure and stable connection, coaxial cable provides different OD requirements, and the available extraction tools are used during installation to ensure proper disconnection of the plug and socket . The tactile click feel confirms complete mating conditions, ensuring complete electrical and mechanical connections. Finally, RF coaxial connectors meet halogen-free environmental requirements, with a maximum of Br-900 ppm, a maximum of Cl-900 ppm, and a maximum of 1,500 ppm of Cl + Br, as defined by IEC 61249-2-21.


Frequency range: DC to 6GHz

Withstand voltage: 200V AC / 1 minute without flashover or insulation breakdown

Nominal characteristic impedance: 50Ω

Contact resistance: up to 10mA

Center: up to 20mΩ

External: 10mΩ maximum

Insulation resistance: minimum 500 M ohms. At 100V DC

Operating temperature range: -40oC to +90oC