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How long does it take for 5G communication to come? Connector manufacturers reveal your secrets

Author: Date:8/30/2019 7:43:37 AM
 Since 2019, connector manufacturers will receive orders from the 5G market more or less. For the 5G market, this connector manufacturer is generally the first to deal with 5G infrastructure. How long will it take to reveal 5G communication today?


Due to the high frequency (China Mobile 2.6G / 4.9G, China Unicom Telecom 3.5G), 5G leads to poor penetration and the coverage distance of the base station is short. At present, China Mobile's experimental network (2.6G macro station 64TR AAU) measures an ideal effective coverage distance of about 380 meters.

Due to the immature 5G communication industry chain, the price of each component is expensive, and the cost of the macro station is very high. Therefore, in the initial construction stage of each operator, only the 5G macro station will be built in the central area of the first- and second-tier cities, and the construction will be based on business needs. In the later period, it is necessary to achieve continuous coverage through the complementary form of the macro micro-skin station (it is expected to move 5-8 years, 4G only takes 3 years).


Due to the large area, sparse users and low service, the operators will choose 32TR and 16TR equipment for coverage. These devices are relatively inexpensive, and because the channel is reduced, the integrated antenna is much smaller than the coverage of the power, which can effectively reduce operating costs!


Of course, this year's three major operators will only build some 5G base stations in first- and second-tier cities. The industry's relative maturity will be built in the next year, and it will take several years to build 5G base stations in rural areas! It is said that the coverage of 3.5G is only 200 meters. What if it is in the wild and in the countryside?