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How does the RF connector reduce the nonlinear effects and reduce the PIMI generation?

Author: Date:1/17/2020 9:02:12 PM
    How does the RF connector reduce the nonlinear effects and reduce the PIMI generation? The main methods are:

1. Use environmentally friendly copper materials with high copper content and low impurities (iron, nickel, sulfur, etc.), commonly known as non-magnetic copper rods. Generally, the shell of the connector is made of a copper content of 59% or more, and the inner conductor may be a bronze rod or a bronze wire having a low impurity such as iron.


2. The surface coating of the RF connector should be: silver plated, ternary alloy plated, gold plated. (nickel plating is not allowed)


3. When the connector is assembled or the cable is attached, care should be taken not to mix oil and impurities to ensure the accuracy of the parts. The packaging should be environmentally friendly and clean.


4, RF connector electrical performance requirements, as well as shielding efficiency, power and other technical indicators.